How It Works

Although TRAXX is a very good monitoring and alarm system, it is a remarkable asset intelligence tool which can detect the onset of mechanical stress and possible failure of refrigeration equipment, such as Ultra-Low Temperature freezers (ULT's), days, weeks or months before failure occurs. This is accomplished using powerful asset benchmarking techniques similar to FICO® Score used extensively in the financial and credit markets.

Every night, TRAXX calculates a TRAXXScore™ for thousands of customer assets, the score indicating the mechanical health and energy efficiency of each asset in comparison to the nominal performance of their peers. KLATU’s TRAXXCloud™ database is believed to be the largest database in the industry, containing more than 10 years and 20 billion records of freezer, refrigerator, incubator and other lab equipment performance data from dozens of manufacturers, hundreds of customers and thousands of assets deployed by KLATU.

Protected by four international patents, TRAXXScore analytics is built into our products. It is also licensed to many customers in support of their Digital Transformation initiatives, and to select OEMs who collectively wish to avoid unplanned down-time, product loss and excessive and unnecessary maintenance costs due to cold-chain and cold-storage equipment failures.

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