TRAXX Cloud New Features in v4.10.0
Version v4.10.0 is now available

Announcing new TRAXX Cloud features

Our latest update, v4.10.0., brings new features and changes that will improve the user experience and enhance security, while advancing our commitment to Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. 

We've added 15 new features

  •  Limit asset measurement exports to 31 days

  • Add "unconfigured" tag for assets that have no active sensors.

  • Improvements to sensor date and report exports.

  • Add metric tagging support for next-gen motes.

  • Option for Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliant clients to require a user password when performing sensitive actions.

  • Exported PDF of asset sensor measurements is now PDF/A compliant for archiving.

  • Audit alarm notification events.

  • CSV export of users.

  • Include metric unit in exported analytics/metrics.

  • Include any zone restrictions in user list.

  • CSV export of motes.

  • CSV export of alarms.

  • Include sensor measurement units in graphs.

  • Asset name above sensor charts for clarity.

  • Allow for admins to reset user passwords.

We've made some changes

  • All exported asset sensor measurement reports (PDF/CSV/ZIP) will be delivered to users via email with download link.

  • Clarify definition and actions for "trending" tag.

  • Default sorting of global alarms view is now descending by alarm's beginning.

  • Move "ROC" (rate of change) labels to "Trend".

  • Mote "Long Term ROC" labels to "Long Term Trend".

  • Use user's time zone in a sensor measurements report download.

  • Only require a user's password if they are attempting to change their username.

  • Clarify alarm event markers on alarm's data chart, remove timestamps for events related to the original event but not representative of the original event's timestamp. exported asset sensor

Fixed several bugs

  • Fix alarm conditions in asset details PDF

  • Fix boundary alarm processing to ensure "healthy" readings close out past alarms

  • Ensure alarm notification profile times are interpreted in user defined time zone.

  • Ensure slept alarm notifications are resent after their defined sleep duration.

  • Ensure zone restricted users can only take actions on assets within their zone(s).

  • Ensure user's asset subscriptions are adjusted regarding a user's role.

  • Allow for client to be configured with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

  • Optimize exported PDF of asset sensor measurements for smaller file sizes.

  • Rendering of asset's "Health History: On time" calendar, only show the most relevant tag per day.

  • Issue loading /assets/alarms causing timeouts.

  • Issue with zoned users loading study groups.

  • Display sensor and metrics readings consistently with one decimal point, if applicable.

  • Export energy data with consistent decimals, one decimal point.

  • Issue when adding an audit entry to mote.

  • Allow searching for "legacy" alarm types (SET_POINT, MOVING_AVERAGE, ENERGY_USAGE, RATE_OF_CHANGE, LONG_TERM_ROC, OFFLINE).

  • Ensure assets' "offline" tags are removed when their mote data is being received and processed.

  • Ensure an asset in alarm is properly tagged as such.

Enhanced Security features

  • Update file storage security.

  • Lock down attributes users can alter on their own profile. fixes

  • Ensure times of day are evaluated in users' time zones when sending user notifications (eg. asset alarm voice calls, SMS messages)

  • Only provide "triggered" alarms in alarm lists.

  • Optimize alarm lists to prevent slow responses.

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, contact us and one of our team members will reach out.

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