3rd U.S. Patent Granted For Predictive Failure Analytics
Benchmark scoring the mechanical health, reliability and energy efficiency of cold-storage equipment

San Diego, CA, November 17, 2020 — The US Patent and Trademark Office has awarded KLATU™ Networks its third patent for benchmark scoring the mechanical health, reliability, and energy efficiency of cold-storage equipment using vibration sensors. When combined with previously issued patents for temperature and current, the addition of vibration sensing enables KLATU to determine with greater precision the early onset of mechanical stress and wasted energy in pumps, motors and HVAC equipment as well as refrigeration equipment.

TRAXX™ EKG, KLATU’s cloud application for asset monitoring, alarming, energy benchmarking and predictive failure analytics is widely deployed as a mission critical application for managing deep-frozen and laboratory refrigeration systems in eight of the top ten largest biopharma companies in the U.S.

TRAXX Score, a proprietary metric developed by KLATU and similar to FICO® score, is used by KLATU customers to make smarter repair, purchase, and asset retirement decisions based on objective measures of asset health, reliability and energy consumption.

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KLATU Granted 8th U.S. Patent Managing the Effectiveness of Repairs in Refrigeration Assets
TRAXX Score benchmarks repair effectiveness, similar to a FICO® Score, for Quality of Repair™ in refrigeration systems.